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Office & Philosophy

Welcome to Our Dental Practice.

When you arrive at our office for your appointment, you’ll be greeted with a smile by our awesome front-office team. They’ll get you checked-in and discuss any administrative items to ensure your appointment goes smoothly. You can also schedule your next appointment, ask questions about our dental services, make payments, and discuss insurance benefits and coverages with our Insurance Coordinators.


“Always a great experience when I need to come in. (Used to avoid the dentist for years) but have come every 6 months since starting here! The staff is great! No judging–just helpful advice to continue to improve my teeth and gums.” - Patient of Show Your Grin Dental

Visiting The Dentist

Our office recommends visiting the dentist once every 6 months for a routine checkup, exam, and cleaning. Your dentist, Dr. Sjogren will examine your teeth and provide an evaluation of any changes since your last visit and make any recommendations for additional care or treatment if needed. We take great care to proactively identify and treat any potential dental problem before they get worse during your checkup. With a professional cleaning and polish to remove stubborn mineral deposits and tooth stains, which have accumulated since your appointment– you’ll leave with healthy and clean teeth. Don’t wait to schedule a routine dental visit only after you know there’s a problem. Preventative dental care helps avoid any future dental issues. 


Dental exams and checkups also give insight into your diet, nutrition, and oral hygiene habits, which may lead to small, suggested changes to help maintain improve proper oral hygiene and health at home. These small changes help avoid many common dental problems like tooth decay, cavities, plaque buildup, gum disease, gum recession, and gingivitis. Oral exams may also provide early signs of systemic diseases and chronic health problems that affect your overall health like coronary artery disease, diabetes, and strokes.


A dental-care plan that includes routine dental visits, a good daily-dental-care routine (twice-daily brushing and flossing), and maintaining a balanced diet is essential for your overall healthy lifestyle. These simple actions help avoid more serious problems later and often result in strong teeth and healthy gums for your entire life.

New Patient Appointments

New-patient appointments begin by meeting with our New-Patient Coordinator, Kylee, to discuss past dental experiences, ask questions, and to get to know each other better while understanding your expectations. After this consultation, a dental exam is performed, which includes full-mouth x-rays and diagnostic photos to identify any potential issues. Afterward, your dentist, Dr. Sjogren will develop a diagnosis and personalized dental treatment plan and recommend future visits, if needed.

New-patients appointments usually are split into two visits. The first includes a consultation, exam, x-rays, and diagnostic photos. During the second, you’ll receive a quick check-up and your teeth will be professionally cleaned by one of our hygienists. All future appointments include both the oral exam and professional cleaning. For all patients, it’s recommended that you visit the dentist to have your teeth cleaned and examined twice every year. If you’re searching for a new dentist and wondering what insurance companies we accept, that information is found on our Finance & Insurance page. We’ll coordinate directly with many major insurance providers to maximize their coverage of your dental care. On that page, details on financing options that we offer are also available. It is our goal to help make quality dental care available to all our patients. Thank you for choosing us as your long term care provided and we hope to see you at our dentist office soon.

Stress-Free Appointments with Pre-Medication

If the idea of visiting the dentist creates some anxiety, please tell us while scheduling your appointment and our dentist and dental team will take the necessary steps towards making your dentist appointment anxiety-free. If pre-medication, or light sedation, helps make your dentist visit more comfortable, our dentists are able to prescribe medication for future appointments. If this is an option you’re interested in, please let one of our staff know before, during, or after your appointment.


We’re proud to share that from over 100 surveys, our patients responded 99% of the time with a perfect 10/10 when asked about “wait time before being seen.” We know your time and schedule is important and that’s why we strive to stay on schedule and work efficiently during the day. Sometimes, we may need a few extra minutes to prepare an exam room or perhaps you’ve arrived early for your appointment. If that’s the case, we welcome you to our recently improved seating area that is yours to relax in prior to your appointment. Thank you for choosing us as your dentist in Olathe, KS, where you can be confident your dental care is in great hands and look forward to seeing you and your family in our dentist office soon!