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Dental Technology

Tools for Modern Dentistry

Our staff is proud to use the best in dental technology when providing dental care in Olathe. Receiving ongoing training in dental technology, techniques, and tools and backed with years of experience, the staff at Show Your Grin Dental is on the cutting edge of providing advanced dentistry. Benefitting from new dental technologies, patients have a better understanding of their oral health, receive more-precise treatment, and experience quicker dental appointments. Dr. Sjogren and Dr. Silva love their technology! So, on your next visit, please ask them, or anyone of our staff, about the newest addition to our practice.



Developed by Sirona, the CEREC system leads the dental industry in chairside restorations, including, crowns, inlays, on-lays, abutments, and even some bridges that fit and feel like natural teeth. The CEREC system utilizes a 3D scanner, biostatistical CAD software, and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) to accurately produce biocompatible, metal-free restorations during a single visit to our dentist office.

CEREC OmniCam 3D Scanner

The OmniCam is an essential component of the sophisticated CEREC 3D system. It allows us to take 3D scans of teeth and arches in full color. Scans are then digitally transferred to the CEREC Biojaw software where a biostatistical procedure generates a restoration proposal based on the intraoral scan. The precision of the CEREC OmniCam and Biojaw software determines optimum alignment, buccal registration, and identification of the type of restoration in preparation for fast and accurate restoration production.

CEREC MC XL Milling Unit


Our CEREC system transfers the digital model of your newly designed crown, bridge, inlay, or on-lay to our CEREC MC XL milling unit. Using diamond-tipped cutters and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) new restorations are carved with a precision of 25 μm. These extremely-durable restorations are made from medical-grade porcelain and reduce the amount of time spent at our dentist office.

Digi-Doc Intraoral Cameras

Our dentist office uses premium intraoral cameras from industry leader, Digital Doc. These ergonomically-designed cameras bring the smallest details into brilliant, full-screen, and full-color focus. Crystal-clear dental images result in increased patient education and assist our dentists/staff while diagnosing or communicating a treatment.

MoonRay 3D Printer

Ushering in a new era of dentistry, our team uses incredibly accurate, biocompatible, and FDA compliant 3D printed surgical guides, improving the dental implant surgery experience. Implants are more efficiently and precisely placed with printed surgical guides than with traditional methods. Dr. Sjogren's and Dr. Silva's training in 3D printing technology and surgical techniques provide the best in implant dentistry. Our office is also researching more into offering 3D printed night guards and other oral applications soon.

NOMAD Pro2 Handheld X-Ray System

While our dentist office staff and doctors continue to use our wall-mounted X-ray and 3D imaging systems, we’ve added handheld X-ray units for versatility and patient comfort. Designed with dual-layer shielding, our NOMAD Pro2's take clear radiographic images with a focal point of 0.4mm to render the best diagnosis for treatment.

DENTA2 CO2 Laser System

Our DENTA2 CO2 Laser System is the gold standard for intraoral soft tissue applications in dentistry. By utilizing its affinity for water, the CO2 wavelength is harnessed, only penetrating 0.1mm-0.2mm into soft tissue. The benefits of a CO2 laser system include reduced discomfort, reduced bacteria in the periodontal pocket, and reduced patient anxiety. Additionally, it promotes quicker healing.

Galileos 3D Dental Imaging

Our Galileos Comfort+ 3D Imaging technology uses X-ray-computed tomography (CT) to capture and display all the clinical images needed in only 14 seconds. While traditional X-rays are limited in scope, 3D imaging allows in-depth analysis and diagnosis of patients’ teeth and structure producing a better understanding of treatment recommendations.

Preva DC Intraoral Digital X-ray Units

Equipped with wall-mounted, digital X-ray units from Preva, our exam rooms are another tool, which the dental staff utilizes to improve a patient's diagnosis and treatment. Capturing intraoral, 2D X-rays, our team of dental professionals produces images of single, or multiple teeth and the surrounding structure while reducing radiation exposure by nearly 80%. Coupled with powerful digital-imaging software, our staff is capable of viewing dental structures and tissues with immense detail and insight

Online Patient Portal

With PatientConnect365, our patients have 24/7 access to their dental account. View your appointment history or request your next visit directly from your secure patient portal. With PatientConnect365, making immediate online payments, uploading documents, contacting our office, and controlling communication preferences is at your fingertips.

Digital Appointment Reminders

With our digital communications, we send upcoming-appointment reminders that arrive in your email or to your phone, keeping you up-to-date on your dental care. We provide this patient service to also deliver newsletters, inclement weather updates, payment notifications, upcoming insurance benefit expiration dates, and even happy birthday wishes directly to you, on the digital platform best suited for your busy life.

Digital Insurance Submission

As a modern dentist office, we work to reduce paper usage and increase the efficiency of dental insurance submissions. Our Dental Insurance Coordinators communicate with a network of providers, utilizing digital submissions for claims, reviews, and billing that reduces excess paperwork. As a result, our patients gain better insight to maximize their insurance benefits.

Sedation Dentistry

If you have concerns about seeing a dentist, rest assured with Dr. Sjogren and Dr. Silva and a prescribed sedative to calm your dental anxiety before or during your appointment. Our dentists are licensed to provide the most advanced options in pharmacology to match your level of dental anxiety, biochemical makeup, and dental treatment plan–giving you confidence and comfort during your appointment.

Digital Dental Imaging

With our industry-leading imaging and charting software, we’re able to organize, analyze, and communicate our patients’ dental health and history with efficiency. And, we’ve improved our ability to monitor dental case history and make better-informed treatment plans.

Electronic Dental Chart + Records

As a part of modern practice management, we use an electronic dental records system to create, securely store, share, and examine patients’ charting, images, and treatment history that is seamlessly integrated with our practice management software. Long gone are the days of file cabinets full of folders packed with documents. Our electronic records system is fully compliant with HIPAA standards of digital security and patient privacy laws.

Secure SSL Protocol

In today's digital age, keeping your information private is as important as providing excellent dental care. Our website now uses 256-bit encryption when sending or receiving personal data. This new standard for internet security establishes an encrypted connection while sending and receiving information.