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Tooth Restoration in Olathe, KS with CEREC Technology

Your Olathe, KS dentist office, Show Your Grin Dental, proudly offers Same Day Crowns and dental restorations using CEREC 3D TechnologyThis modern technology is reshaping how dentist office procedures are performed.

With the CAD/CAM processes that CEREC 3D Technology uses, beautiful and durable crowns, inlays, onlays/veneers, abutments, and bridges can be created.

Dental Crown and Tooth Restoration CNC Machine

dental crowns and restorations required multiple dentist office visits but with CEREC Technology, dental crowns can be modeled, produced, and inserted efficiently, eliminating temporaries, messy impressions, and discomfort.

As a cosmetic dentistry professional and certified in CEREC 3D Technology, Dr. Sjogren offers these precision-made restorations to leave more of your healthy, natural tooth structure in place and improve the health of your teeth for years to come. The aesthetics, strength, durability, and fit of CEREC 3D restorations are superb.

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How Crown Restorations with CEREC Technology Are Completed:

1. Dr. Sjogren examines and determines where restoration is required.

2. With an intra-oral camera, a digital impression of the restoration area is made.
3. The CEREC software generates a computer model of your new dental crown that matches the digital impression. 

4. Dr. Sjogren reviews this model for any final adjustments before sending it to our in-office milling machine for production.

5. You can watch your crown being created from high-grade ceramic, plaque-resistant materials.

6. Dr. Sjogren finishes and polishes the restoration before it is permanently bonded to your tooth.

7. Your 
Same Day Crown/restoration with CEREC Technology is correctlysized, shaped, and color matched to complement your individual smile for the best in form and function all in a single appointment!

CEREC 3D Dentistry Machine and Computer

We aim to be one of Olathe’s best dentist offices. Please call us if you have questions about CEREC Technology, insurance questions, or would like a have a consultation on Same Day Crowns and restorations.

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